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Hi! My name is Linda Eisner and I am the founder of Graff*Etch hair pencils. After working for over 30 years in the cosmetics industry, I created Graff*Etch pencils to increase the creativity of barbers and stylists.  Graff*Etch pencils are specially formulated for adding color to hair art and barber designs.  Color ups the punch, pizzazz, and visibility of a design.  Your clients will love it for special occasions, school and club spirit, and expressions of their individuality.

My free Ebook shows you how to best use color in hair art designs, and how to use this enhancement to increase your revenue and client enthusiasm.  Whether you are new to hair art designs or a master within the industry, my Graff*Etch ebook has valuable information for you.


  • The difference between using proper tools & ordinary cosmetic products to create hair art.
  • The most effective ways to prep the skin before adding color.
  • How to blend & layer colored pencils.
  • How to make hair art color last longer.
  • Lots of tips & tricks for creating amazing hair art designs.
  • AND MOST IMPORTANTLY….How creating high quality hair cut designs can double your income and make you rich!!!!

Hair Art Designs Using Graff*Etch

Graff*Etch Hair Art Pencils